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Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.38.42 PMAfter four years here, I’ve just launched my shiny new blog on my even shinier new web site. You can find all of my work here: www.jennifermcmenamin.com 




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I recently had the pleasure of photographing an event at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall for the Baltimore chapter of NACE. Anyone who has attended a concert or show at the Meyerhoff knows about the venue’s extraordinary acoustics and sight lines for performances. But it turns out that it’s also a fabulous spot for a wedding or other special event. Just imagine your walk down the aisle to the stage during a wedding processional or the gorgeous photos that you and your new spouse can take throughout the symphony hall. I ran around like mad, shooting the event set up from every angle imaginable, and was astounded at the beauty and grandeur of the space. You can find more information about hosting your event at the Meyerhoff here. Please enjoy just a few of my favorites from the event.

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My friend and event planner extraordinaire Kate Beck recently hosted a bridal happy hour in her new Ruxton office. Stylist Stephanie Bradshaw, who designed and decorated Kate’s new space and served as the featured vendor for the evening, shared some fun stories and tips. I had the pleasure of shooting a few photos for them.

There was a jazzy trio from Elan Artists. Gorgeous flowers by Amy Epstein of Crimson and Clover. Dresses from Garnish. Jewelry from Stella & Dot. Fun snacks and pink sparkling wine. What’s not to love about that on a hot summer evening? Enjoy!

Kate and Stephanie, looking lovely.

There are my clients, Melissa and Bill, on Kate’s wall, from a wedding that we worked on together at The Belvedere.

Thanks for a fun evening, ladies! I look forward to the next one.

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing a jewelry party at the shop of floral designer extraordinaire Amy Epstein. Owner of Crimson & Clover Floral Design, she recently packed up her Canton location and moved to a much bigger spot in Roland Park. Amy and I have worked a couple of weddings together, most notably the peacock-themed nuptials of Lynn and Benoit. She and her team created some fabulous floral centerpieces for that November wedding as well as stunning arrangements of greenery and candles.

So I was thrilled at the opportunity to photograph the jewelry showcase that Amy organized in her new shop. What could be better than summer blooms and gorgeous baubles? The festivities featured the designs of Charm City’s own Whoop! and Liz Walunas as well as the newly popular Stella & Dot line, which has been featured on The Today Show and Oprah. Amy made the event even more fun by offering a 15 percent discount on all store merchandise and half-priced flowers. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from the party.

Gorgeous flowers…

Amy might have tried on every necklace in the showcase! This one, from Stella & Dot, was one of my faves.

From Liz Walunas’ display.

The olive is  funny little joke between Amy and Stephanie Bradshaw, the designer who created Crimson & Clover’s fantastic new space. Stephanie was also selling the Stella & Dot line at the party.

From the Stella & Dot line.

A little bit of Whoop!

Everyone seemed to have a great time and I was quite pleased at my own restraint. I came home with only one new pair of earrings! (Thanks Liz. I love ’em!)

What a great idea for a party, Amy. I can’t wait for the next one!

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As a weddings and portraits photographer, I don’t have an opportunity all that often to photograph sports. This comes much to the chagrin of my husband, who is a sports reporter for The Baltimore Sun and likes to pester me about why I never want to photograph what he’s interested in. I always figured that I would refine my sports shooting techniques when our future children take up lacrosse or soccer or football. But until then, I told him, he’ll find me stalking the side aisles of a church rather than the sidelines of a field or running around a ballroom rather than the stands of a stadium.

That is until now.

I recently spent a sweaty — but wonderfully fun — afternoon shooting the 30th Anniversary Baseball All-Star Game between Baltimore and its sister city of Kawasaki, Japan. It was really enjoyable to capture not only some of the more exciting game moments — calls at home plate, a grand slam, etc. — but also the camaraderie of the teams and the enjoyment of the fans. I also had a lot of fun translating my love of photographing details — usually employed on bouquets, wedding rings and the like — into baseball photography. That meant close-ups of hats, a bucket of balls and the medals that players were awarded at the end of the game.

Here are some of my favorites:


A play at the plate…


And he’s safe.


Like I mentioned, it was really, really, really hot. So kids in the stands did just about everything to try to stay cool, sitting under towels and umbrellas, gulping down water and happily accepting the free frozen mango treats from Rita’s Water Ice.09-BaltKawasaki_0126-05110-BaltKawasaki_0424-14611-BaltKawasaki_0341-11412-BaltKawasaki_0164-06513-BaltKawasaki_0246-08814-BaltKawasaki_0272-09715-BaltKawasaki_0741-244


So, at the end of the game, one of the Japanese players approached a Baltimore player to see if he wanted to swap batting gloves. They did. A few moments later, …


one of the Baltimore players approached the Kawasaki team with a bat to see if anyone wanted to trade bats. I guess the Japanese team didn’t want to part with their hot bats, given the lopsided results on the scoreboard!


Click here to view the full gallery of images or to order prints from the game.

Congratulations to both teams. It was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon with you. I hope I have the opportunity to photograph future games, particularly when they’re played in Japan!

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I have been a very bad blogger, lately — but a very busy photographer!

In the last six days, I have shot some silly photos with my husband during a quick week-day trip to Ocean City, two fabulous weddings, a darling 8-week-old baby boy and his parents, and a super fun baseball game under the broiling hot, ultra-humid sun between teams of boys from Baltimore and its sister city of Kawasaki, Japan. Whew! I literally have calluses forming on the thumb of my camera-holding hand.

So there are lots of fun posts coming up. But for now, just a little teaser post…

Blogging chronologically, let’s start in OC. Since my husband and I are expecting our first baby in November/December-ish, we wanted to take a little trip together. I asked him to take me to Paris. We ended up at my parents’ condo at the beach. Almost the same, really. Anyhow, we had lots of fun and got to spend one day with our friends, Rick & Erin, who were celebrating Rick’s 30th birthday with a surprise sky-diving adventure. We obviously did not join them for that — no pregnant ladies jumping out of airplanes, thank you very much. But we beached and mini-golfed and hit the boardwalk for a little arcade and carousel fun.

My cute husband…


Erin celebrating a great skee ball toss…


Kevin was grumpy because he picked a carousel horse that did not go up and down.


I’m pretty sure the carousel was still standing still at this point…   : )


A dizzying self-portrait on the carousel.


The birthday tiramisu.


I love this one of Rick & Erin. Unbeknownst to Erin, she was about to get engaged three days after this photo was taken. So sweet…OceanCity_010

Next stop: Wedding No. 1 of the weekend. Courtney & Ned exchanged vows in a simply lovely ceremony at the same church where my husband and I were married nearly five years ago. For anyone looking for a warm, welcoming Catholic church, Corpus Christi in Bolton Hill is an excellent choice. Courtney & Ned are both school teachers and couldn’t have looked happier together on their wedding day — despite the downpour that ruined our plans for a stroll around the beautiful grounds of the Hayfields Country Club for pictures during their cocktail hour. Here are just a few of my favorites from my initial edit:

While getting ready, Courtney placed a quick phone call to her husband-to-be. “Hey there. Whatcha doin’?” she asked.


They had a whole flock of darling children as flower girls and ring bearers.


The bride, looking gorgeous…


Courtney’s girls helped fluff all the crinoline under her beautiful gown before she left for the church.


Her dad, giving her away: “Well, I guess she’s all yours,” he told Ned.


The tables at the Hayfields were decorated with these stunningly simple arrangements of roses. So lovely…


The kids couldn’t get enough of the groom. This went on for about 10 minutes before he finally shook himself free!


And a very well choreographed first dance.


Congratulations Courtney & Ned. I can’t wait to get a proper blog post up soon from your big day!

Moving along… On Monday, I had the pleasure of photographing little Matias with his parents, Bev & Patrick. They say he’s never as good as he was during our photo shoot. I simply don’t believe it. Could he be any cuter?


These are parents who completely and utterly adore their new little boy. Throughout our morning together, they rarely took their eyes off him. And how wonderful is this mural in the nursery?


I can’t wait to share more pictures from our shoot together. It was so fun!

Last but not least, I spent a very sweaty afternoon at the Johns Hopkins University campus, where two teams of boys — one from Baltimore and one from Kawasaki, Japan — were playing in the 30th Anniversary Baseball All-Star Game. In honor of the cities’ three-decade-long relationship, Kawasaki sent their best youth baseball team to play a Charm City all-star team. Twenty years ago, a Baltimore team traveled to Japan for a similar game. And the two cities are planning for another Baltimore team to make the trip next year. I’m pretty sure they’ll need a photographer to accompany them, don’t you think?!?

Here’s a little sneak peak at the full blog post that will be coming soon:


So these two boys were standing as close as they could get to the Kawasaki dugout, seeking autographs. Told that the players wouldn’t be able to sign anything until after the game, the boys decided to stay put and cheer from the fence line for the Kawasaki player at bat. Who promptly hit a grand slam. The two boys went nuts cheering.


The Kawasaki team was pretty happy about the four-run homer, too.


All done with the game, the boys from both teams got together for one final set of photos — and tossed all their hats in the air.


What a fun job I have. I really love the mix of people and events I’ve been shooting lately. I promise to get full blog posts up as soon as I can. But I hope you enjoyed this preview of what’s to come!

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing an utterly fabulous birthday bash for Ken & Kaye. Organized by Kaye for her honey’s big 5-0, this soiree at the beautiful Hayfields Country Club had it all: a steel drum band for cocktail hour, a candy bar, take-home pecan pies in darling little boxes, an ice-cream sundae stand from Coldstone Creamery, a stunning cake from Baltimore’s famous Charm City Cakes, a fabulous band for dinner and dancing, and some of the most sophisticated floral arrangements I’ve seen. Oh, and a real-live photo booth. So fun!

When I asked Kaye who served as her event coordinator, helping her to pull together such a wonderful evening, she arched an eyebrow and said, “That would be me.” She did a magnificent job. I’d recommend that you never turn down a party invite from this woman. I know it would be a joy for me to photograph any event she ever throws!

Let’s start outside, where a punchy color scheme of pink and orange greeted guests for cocktails.



The man of the hour greets his littlest guests…


Kaye briefly takes over for the musicians in the Trinidad North Steel Drums band…


And then a little limbo…


How sweet are these two together?


Moving inside for dinner and dancing, the decor shifted to blues and browns. Victoria Clausen, of Romance of Flowers, carried out Kaye’s desired ocean theme to stunning effect with waves of alternately low and tall centerpieces of hydrangea, monkey tails and a wonderful mix of bluey-purple blooms, candles and sea shells. Just lovely.


Charm City Cakes — of the Food Network’s famed ‘Ace of Cakes’ show — continued the color scheme on a four-tier cake draped in chocolate. Stylish. And yum!


The girls check out the candy bar. And a tower of boxes filled with miniature pecan pies await guests on their departure…


And now to the photo booth. Kaye hired Five Star Amusements to bring in a full-size photo booth — the kind you find in arcades and on the Boardwalk of Ocean City. I couldn’t get enough of the guests playing with the goofy glasses and hats and feather boas. They seemed to be enjoying themselves too! More on that later…



Let the dancing begin…


And now back to that photo booth…


Ken Moss, of Five Star Amusements, was so nice and fun to work with. Every time I wanted to shoot a little of the guests hamming it up for their photos, he would pull back the curtain a tiny bit for me to slip just the end of my lens into the booth. It made for some super fun pictures.


Happy birthday, Ken! I hope your 51st year is the best yet.

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