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Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.38.42 PMAfter four years here, I’ve just launched my shiny new blog on my even shinier new web site. You can find all of my work here: www.jennifermcmenamin.com 




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You might have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Sure, it’s the wedding photography slow season. But I’ve also had another reason to be posting less: my new sweet daughter, Keegan Alexis, who was born March 5. I am remarkably now the mama to two gorgeous girls. My husband Kevin and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I thought I’d share a few recent photos, including one that I love love love that was sent to me by a guest at the last wedding that I shot before my due date. Pegg Melfa, who attended Kim & Tristan‘s beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, e-mailed me the image on the above left. It’s amazing to think that big bump resulted in the gorgeous little girl on the right.


A little Internet magic made the next photo possible. Kevin and I bought the Big Sister shirt for Molly before I was even pregnant to kind of put good vibes out into the universe for a second baby for us. A few months later, I ended up using it to let him know I was pregnant, dressing Molly in the shirt one evening before he came home from work. I said nothing and let him notice on his own. It was a wonderful moment. We similarly announced our exciting news to our parents and then the Facebook world with Molly in her shirt. I had no idea that there was a companion Little Sister shirt. But my mom did, and after Keegan’s arrival, my mother searched and searched the sale bins at Carters with no luck. She happened to mention it to Kevin’s parents during their recent visit to meet their new granddaughter. Upon her return home to Montana, my mother-in-law hopped on eBay, found the Little Sister shirt and promptly settled in to babysit the computer for the next five days to ensure that no one would outbid her. I’m so grateful!

This next image is so Molly. She wants almost nothing more these days than to just hug and kiss and nuzzle her new baby sister.

My sweet family.


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A new hire

I don’t post too many strictly personal things here on this blog. My photography business and client work keeps me busy enough with blog posts that I don’t get to post personal projects too often. But this photo of my daughter — 18-month-old Molly — was just too cute not to share here.

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m still getting caught up on my blogging from the busy, busy fall wedding season. So there were tons of portrait sessions — babies, families and newly engaged couples — that I loved but didn’t get a chance to post. Soooo,  here is one big portrait post. Enjoy!

I spent a fun afternoon running around a park and a beach with George, this big slobbery St. Bernard, and his family. We had such a great time together. And how gorgeous are these girls?!?

The official family portrait. After that was done, we just ran around and played. Literally!

My sister, Heather, had a baby in September. I dashed up to New York the next day to meet my new nephew. But since no woman feels like a portrait shoot after 25 hours of labor — no exaggeration! — I came back in October to make some nice images of her, Lucas, her husband Michael and their pup Suzi.

Love love love this one of my sister and her boy.

How sweet is it how Lucas is holding onto the necklace that Michael gave Heather after their sweet boy was born?

Two days later, I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon & John in Federal Hill to shoot some engagement portraits. We lucked out with some spectacularly gorgeous late-afternoon light — but had to pay the price with some fierce, blustery wind. Not one to sacrifice her photo shoot for warmth, Shannon actually ditched her coat for about half of our session. I shot *a ton* so that I could edit out all the images in which Shannon’s hair was blown completely in her face. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding in May in Annapolis. I have a feeling the weather will be at least slightly warmer.

They professed to be a bit nervous in front of the camera. I couldn’t tell!




Two days after that, I got together with my former wedding clients, Sylvia & Tim, who recently had a baby boy. Sylvia and Tim had an utterly gorgeous wedding at the George Peabody Library — a location I adore, since my husband and I celebrated our wedding reception there nearly six years ago. I love getting to see clients again and again to document important moments in their lives. Their sweet boy Teddy could not have been cuter or more smiley.

Here, he’s playing with the sterling silver rattle that originally belonged to his father. They even have the same initials!

I’ve never seen a baby happier to be rolling around naked. He was just darling!

Sylvia and her boy.

Tuckered out: We took a little nap break.

A few days later, I met up with Sara and Nick for a fun engagement session. Sara knew that she wanted their session set amidst nature — nothing in the city — and she wanted to highlight the foliage that makes her love fall so much. So we headed to Rocks State Park in Jarrettsville, where we found some beautiful late-afternoon light, quite a few trees still showing off their brilliant colors and a weird man walking around with a cup of coffee. We made good use of the first two and did our best to avoid the third! I’m thrilled to be photographing Sara and Nick’s wedding in June.

It’s so obvious how much these two enjoy being together. (They’ve known each other since elementary school!) Sara in particular smiled so much that I’m pretty sure she went home with achy cheeks.

Love this one.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, we spotted a set of stairs down to the water. I loved the reflections of the leaves on the water.

Lots of clients wanted portraits with the fall foliage this year. Among them was my friend Kaye, who threw a magnificent 50th birthday party a few years ago at the Hayfields Country Club for her longtime love that I photographed for them. I had so much fun with Kaye and Ken and their friends and have enjoyed keeping in touch since then. So, I was thrilled when we were able to schedule a portrait session with Kaye’s darling daughter Karsyn. Kaye put together one of the best outfits I’ve ever seen on a little girl. I love love loved those rosettes.

Such a sweet moment between this mama and her girl.

We had lots of fun playing in the slices of sunshine in the woods.

Striking a pose.

And snuggling.

My favorite from the shoot and one of my all-time favorite kid photos ever. How cute is she?

Also wanting fall photos in time for Christmas gifts was Nikki, who works with my daughter’s pediatrician. We love love love her. Unfortunately, our shoot was scheduled for one of the most freezing cold days of the fall season and with the holiday fast approaching, we had no time to re-schedule. Nikki had picked out some fabulous bare-legged outfits. And we wanted to shoot outside a little. She was a trooper. Good thing I could re-touch out goosebumps for her print order!

She wore some fantastic boots.

Love her big brown eyes!

I’ll end with a few personal photos. My sweet little Molly Sofia, my most favorite photography subject ever, celebrated her 1st birthday in December. She ceremoniously dug into a pink-i-licious cupcake that I baked — though if she were honest with you (and was speaking in full sentences!), I think she’d tell you that she preferred the from-scratch mac ‘n cheese I made her for lunch that day. Unlike her mama, my girl might prefer the savory to the sweet.

She seemed to enjoy patting her cupcake more than she did eating it.

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Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to all my clients, friends and colleagues. Thank you for a fantastic year! May 2011 bring you nothing but joy and happiness!

(And because photographers‘ blog posts are no fun without photos, here’s a cute one of my sweet girl, Molly Sofia, who just celebrated her 1st birthday!)

~ Jennifer

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I’m thrilled to be featured on the Hitched blog of Baltimore Bride magazine today. They asked some wonderful questions about wedding photography and it was a pleasure to be able to brag about my clients’ fabulous weddings. Check it out!

~ Jennifer

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I recently had the great pleasure of attending a wedding — as a guest. My sister’s longtime best friend, Ilana, and her parents have become good friends of my family over the years, ever since Heather and Lani were randomly paired together by the University of Delaware as freshman roommates. Earlier this month, Lani wed her college sweetheart, Matt, with whom she reconnected a few years ago at a friend’s wedding, in a gorgeous ceremony at the New York Botanical Garden.

Though I stayed out of the way of Lani’s team of official photographers, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. Since wedding photography is what I love and what I do for a living, I often try to make a few nice images for my friends on their big day. I’ve even included a few in this post of my very pregnant self and my hubby here. So enjoy!

Kevin and me (note how his fabulous tie coordinates with my dress!) and my darling sister, Heather, and me.

Kev and my brother-in-law, Michael. The caterers handed out champagne and hot chocolate to guests gathered in the garden’s ceremony location. It was a fantastic touch.

My sister, the matron of honor, waits for her turn down the aisle.

Accompanied by her parents, Sharon & Jeff, Lani makes her grand entrance.

The happy couple: Matt accepts high-fives on his way out of the garden.

Just before the reception started, I asked Lani & Matt to duck outside with me real quick for a few quick snaps in front of the radiant fall leaves.

This is one of my all-time favorite dancing photos. Heather and Lani love dancing together. One of their most favorite songs is ‘Brick House.’ I love that Lani is captured through Heather’s brick house gesture.

Congratulations, Lani & Matt! Kevin and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you.

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